As the name might suggest, Substance is a branding and design agency that embeds the maximum possible meaning into what it does. Using vivid imagination to conceive the brightest of ideas and being brave enough to explore creative boundaries, we deliver work that is ‘intelligently-crafted, emotionally-charged’. This is our mantra.

Experience tells us that the people building great businesses and brands invest a great deal of themselves in them. We really care about this too and enjoy the responsibility of what is often a very sensitive process. The degree of intensity doesn’t burden us; this is the tonic that makes us the very best we can be.

Working in creative industries since the 1990s, we’ve seen plenty and experimented too. Whilst fads and fashions have come and gone, it’s the timeless classics that we remember – the designs and creations where ‘less is more’. These are the things that inspire us.

If you think your business or brand might benefit from an approach combining the things that are really important to us, we’d love to hear from you.