One Hundred Second Survey In search of satisfaction

For many organisations, customer opinion is amongst the most precious commodities. Indeed, it is a proven fact of the digital age that ‘insight’, not cash, is king.

Taking action to sample customer feedback is the first and most vital step in appraising the effectiveness of products and services. The stark reality, however, is that the degree and depth of engagement created amongst these mission critical audiences can frequently be insufficient. As a consequence, response rates fall short of statistical significance and the process by which improvement might be brought about is left wanting or barely even present at all.

This is where we – and time – can make a difference.

The One Hundred Second Survey is a distinctive full-service research experience that will aid you in engaging customers. Acting independently of your business, we will carry out the entire end-to-end process – beginning with careful survey composition and concluding with the kind of detailed analysis that clearly identifies areas of frailty, focus or feasibility.

Every survey execution features custom-designed ‘packaging’ and collateral to ensure it connects with your audience – this can be dual branded if you wish – and we’ll even present the findings to your colleagues and other key stakeholders should you require it.

If you’d like to learn more about the service and how it can add invaluable insight that supports communications strategy, please contact Leigh Tasker.