Mutual Mills Where the fabric wouldn't fit

It’s terribly frustrating for an agency when a project’s wheels fall off; in this case, our recent completion of a brand and marketing collateral for an adventurous mill conversion in Greater Manchester. Our client – Leeds-based developer, Priestley Homes – failed to gain planning permission (not through any fault of their own, we might add).

Brilliant Project A case of sliding doors

Sometimes even the most lucrative and carefully-executed commissions don’t ever see the light of day. Of course, there are always extremely good reasons why – in the case of Brilliant Project, a proposed first foray into the consumer market for Sheffield’s Home Decor, there were many. Sadly, a case of ‘Sliding Doors’ (not sliding doors).

Nineteen Bar & Grill Perfect metaphors, no cigar

This beautiful piece of work by Substance Creative Director, Steve Wills, remains one of the most simple and intelligent designs we’ve ever done. Plainly using items in every day use at a ‘bar’ or ‘grill’ – such as champagne flutes, meat cleavers, pint glasses and spatulas – the brand was sadly never adopted due to an unexpected change in premises ownership.

Buzz Something ventured, something gained

With a little spare studio capacity during the winter of 2015/16, we entered into partnership with a firm of like-minded software engineers to explore opportunities for an embryonic new live streaming app. Buzz never made it; however, the experience taught us a great deal about design for digital – and marked us out to be anything other than ‘just’ a branding agency.